The Clientele

God Save The Clientele

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finally released in the uk on track and field. 'god save the clientele' is the new album from the clientele, but to our ears it doesn't sound like they need saving at all. quite the contrary, they seem to have completely hit their stride on this, their third, album. 'god save the clientele' is without a doubt the most triumphant and accomplished clientele recording thus far. if you crave a little background, we think the clientele's own alasdair maclean summed it all up nicely: the band are setting free their inner monkees; a lovely blend of big star twisted power-pop and country achin', with flashes of the beatles at their most joyful and upbeat. the ghosts, half-light and uncertainties remain, but i sense a new found optimism in the music. mel draisey has joined the band as a multi-instrumentalist on piano, violin and vocals and it also features guest spots from pat sansone from the autumn defence / wilco, tony crow from lambchop, and lupe nunez-fernandez from pipas. louis phillipe provided string arrangements.