Jedi Mind Tricks

The Bridge and the Abyss

  • L-ES1801-CLR
  • Brown Orange Colored Double LP.
  • $27.99

Jedi Mind Tricks' The Bridge and the Abyss. Available here on Brown Orange Colored Double LP, Standard Double LP and Standard CD.

The Bridge and The Abyss, featuring the singles/videos for “San La Muerte” and “Marciano’s Reign.” Speaking on the new album, Vinnie Paz, says, “Each time out we face a challenge of not wanting to make the same record, but at the same time doing what we do, which is make hardbody rap. I try to balance my ignorant raps with songs that are a little more conceptual and personal. I think we found a nice balance on this album.”

LPx2+ - Brown Orange Colored Double LP.

LPx2 - Standard Double LP.

CD - Standard CD.