Joe Coghill

Transit Valley

Transit Valley is the debut release from Joe Coghill, a multi-disciplinary artist, musician and experimental publisher based in Edinburgh.

Borrowing from multiple spheres of influence, his scattered output operates from a liminal position. His practice incorporates sound, video, performance, social sculpture, facilitation and media distribution.

His recent solo exhibition Veramusement 9-2-5 at Fruitmarket Gallery explored the life, influence and oeuvre of iconoclastic No-Wave outsider artist John Margotti.

"Listening over the test press for Transit Valley made me feel ALIVE for the first time. Truly aspirational stuff"- John Margotti

These four improvised works incorporate various field recordings and manufactured ambiences, haphazard multi-layered modular synthesis and unpredictable and disparate polyrhythms.

"Built from multiple live moments I often look to create a friction and balance between human and distinctly digital or technological processes and sounds. Incorporating perceived errors, unconventional compositional decisions and chance operations into the way I work, laying down my first takes as well as the way I manufacture the final edits." - Joe Coghill