The Men

Leave Home

  • SBR057lp-C1
  • LP
  • $17.99

The Men yes, "The", are a four-piece post punk outfit from Brooklyn, NY. Their catalog which began in 2008 with a hand-dubbed self- released demo cassette has grown to include two LP⬢s- We Are the Men and Immaculada- two more tapes, and a 7". The buzz in their hometown has grown so fervent that the Village Voice debuted this album's first single, "Bataille," a full six months before the record was scheduled to street. Named for the famed French pornographic writer the track review expounds it, "rides a pug-ugly joy-punk riff into almost krautrock oblivion—complete with gorgeous voice cracks and face-mooshing distortion."Having three songwriters in the band allows them to pull from innumerable post punk sources, referencing drone, metal, shoegaze, and even Suicide lyrics on Leave Home. Recording to tape for the first time here, using elements of distortion, feedback, pop hooks, and a couple of beautifully destructive instrumental passages, The Men have been described by Mishka as, "more composers than musicians." They have breathed new life into the genre of hardcore and created a seminal album that is truly for punks of all ages.