Lost Library Vol. 1

  • Label Fire
  • Genre Rock-Pop
  • Released 10/06/17
  • Cat no LP-FIR-480

Limited Edition one-sided 12. Transparent vinyl with symbolic etching.

Featuring 3 new tracks from 4 of Fire Records acclaimed female-fronted roster (Jane Weaver, Virginia Wing, Death and Vanilla, and Noveller), this is a LIMITED EDITION one-sided 12", on transparent vinyl, with symbolic etching.

Jane Weaver provides vocals for Virginia Wing's take on Suzanne Menzel lost pop classic "It Starts Again." Noveller tackle John Carpenter's "The Thing," and Death and Vanilla re-imagine Bert Jansch's "Moonshine" on this first edition of the new "Lost Library" series from Fire Records, conceived by the label head James Nicholls and designer Luke Drozd.