Microcastle/weird Era Continued

'microcastle' is the follow-up to 2006's 'cryptograms' and was recorded over the course of a week at rare book studios in brooklyn, new york with nicolas verhes. it was recorded as a four-piece consisting of bradford cox (aka atlas sound), lockett pundt, joshua fauver and moses archuleta. most tracks feature bradford cox on lead vocals except 'agoraphobia' and 'neither of us, uncertainly,' where guitarist lockett pundt is the main provider and 'saved by old times', which includes a vocal collage by cole alexander of the black lips. 'microcastle' is a dreamy shoegaze record full of trippy melodies and crystal-clear ambiance. the majority of the songs on microcastle are far more focused than those on their predecessor, with a more streamlined, psych-pop structure that delivers quick bursts of shimmering energy. beautiful numbers like 'never stops' wash over you with their cool, hazy atmosphere, sending off druggy, blissful vibes not unlike my bloody valentine meets the velvet underground. the expansive production also lets psychedelic songs like 'little kids' breathe with full vigor, spreading out into a sea of mellowing reverb. the cd comes with a bonus cd of the much leaked 'weird era cont' album. on 4ad.