Lamont Ft Grim Sickers and Nic

Missed Calls EP

Lamont's Missed Calls EP is a bold exercise in blatant contradictions; it's grimey but sonically spacious, with house-'n'-garage tempos yet near zero-point energy. Despite featuring two emerging grime MCs — Grim Sickers and Trim-affiliate Nico Lindsay — the EP is just as close to LV's 2010 38 EP (feat. Josh Idehen) (LDN 017EP) or the darkest Wen material as Trim's classic Soulfood mixtapes. Lamont debuted "In the Field (feat. Nico Lindsay)" at Keysound Sessions; "Death Slide (feat. Grim Sickers)" premiered on Dusk + Blackdown's Rinse FM show and has won support from Kahn & Neek, Loefah, Parris, and Riz la Teef.