Ahmed Fakroun

Mots D'Amour

Reissue of Ahmed Fakroun's Mots D'Amour, originally released in 1983. The Arab world back in the '70s and '80s gave us quite a few very interesting rock and pop acts. Ahmed Fakroun from Libya was definitely one of them. His 1983 Mots D'Amour, means "Love Words" in English. His kind of ethno pop seems to go deeper than just to the charts, where songs like "Soleil Soleil" - a typical yet outstanding synth-pop/new-wave anthem that would have gone well with David Bowie or Duran Duran in the early '80s - would have belonged. Other tunes are more Oriental with great string arrangements and those mystical melodies that only Arab and Oriental music provides. It goes forth and back with these elements. Mots D'Amour is a rather colorful affair, when it comes to '80s pop music and within the fine arrangements, there is a lot of solid handcraft from the instrumental section. Whoever worked with Ahmed Fakroun in the studio during the album production shall be praised and blessed for his talent as well. All in all, this is one of the lost gems of '80s pop music. Compared to many European releases from 1983, Mots D'Amour can easily match up with all of them and has several outstanding evergreens on board. The sound is perfect for the time as well. Grab a copy of this reissue and make your dance party go crazy with this fascinating guy from Libya.