Ok Computer

  • XL781-2
  • CD
  • $15.99

'ok computer', radiohead's third album, is the bombastic follow-up to 1995's sleeper hit 'the bends', which left critics and listeners as impressed with the band's ability as they were curious about their potential. in spite of its technological-sounding title and apocalyptic sci-fi themes, 'ok computer' is firmly grounded in the rock verities. waves of guitars rage beneath the haunting melodies and near-hysterical fits of singer thom yorke. this complex, intense swarm of guitars is held aloft by a solid, inventive rhythm section and an impressive array of piano and keyboard textures. 'paranoid android' is a six-minute-plus epic with alternating time signatures, wild dynamic shifts, drama and adrenaline to spare. 'let down,' with its double-tracked vocals and rhythmic throb, may give a brief glimpse back at radiohead's past, but at no point is 'ok computer' anything but a hurtle forward.