Brain Machine

Peaks Remixes Two

Celebrating the return of Brain Machine's spatial explorations in last years Peaks album, this decade long sonic mission concludes in the second EP of remixes Two - with another selection of artists providing exemplary interpretations of the final 4 songs.

The EP starts with a wonderful mix from Los Angeles native, Rollmottle. Running the beautifully sporadic Sentrall label since 2001, here Anthony Puglisi takes the Balearic meet Krautrock leaning of his excellent recent album, Fear Ritual, and crafts a lovely, drifting, textural stargazer.

Next the Dusseldorf / Brain Machine axis returns with a remix from rising names, Die Wilde Jagd. As Unit 4, Ralf Beck is considered by many to be one of the least heralded, but most talented producers. Returning alongside sometime Noblesse Oblige member Sebastian Lee Philipp, the remix eschews the motorik consistency of their early outings for a 9 minutes + remix of atmospheric nirvana.

The final side of the double mixes package goes to newer names in Cass. and Merrick Adams. As one half of the ZSOU, alongside Mo Morris, the project has sadly only spawned 2 EPs to date, so here Merrick ventures solo with a building tremulous break-drum trip to (Alpha) Moon. More to come.

Cass. closes proceedings with a ubiquitous glow. With his appearance on the SchleiBen series and recent solo album for the label, plus his joint-release with Wolf Muller on International Feel all being acclaimed, this mission ends with pure ambient bliss. Part 2 of the Brain Machine journey is complete. Where next?

  • Genre House
  • Released 10/13/17