C’est La Vie

  • Label Dead Oceans
  • Genre Rock-Pop
  • Released 10/05/18 10/05/18 10/05/18 10/05/18 10/05/18
  • Cat no DOC113cass DOC113cd DOC113lp DOC113lp-C1 DOC113LPRT

Black Vinyl.

LP++ - Indie Shops Version on Clear Vinyl.

Rough Trade Exclusive. Limited to 500 Copies on Coloured Vinyl.

Phosphorescent returns with his seventh studio LP, C’est La Vie via Dead Oceans. Available on Rough Trade Exclusive Color Vinyl. Limited to 500 Copies.

Recorded in Nashville at Matthew Houck’s own Spirit Sounds Studio, C’est La Vie reveals a crystallization of what made Muchacho such a breakout a little sweetness and a little menace, sometimes boot-stomping and sometimes meditative.

For years, Phosphorescent’s rise was a steady one: tours got a little better, rooms got a little bigger, and with it the music became more intricate, more ambitious in its recording and arrangement. Then came Muchacho, a juggernaut that to date has sold over 100,000 worldwide, with lead single “Song for Zula” now well over 50 million streams.

A lot of life was lived between these records: Houck became a father (twice), built his studio, escaped New York. And C’est La Vie does have a hefty, career-spanning feel. But there’s a newfound wisdom, too, a deeper well for all that livin’. The magic of Matthew Houck’s music has always been the way he weaves shimmering, almost golden-sounding threads through elemental, salt-of-the-earth sounds. It’s not experimental, exactly, but it’s singular and it’s definitely not traditional. That knack, the through-line across the Phosphorescent catalog, is front and center here.

LP - Black Vinyl.

LP+ - Rough Trade Exclusive. Limited to 500 Copies on Color Vinyl.

LP++ - Indie Shops Version on Clear Vinyl.

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