What's The Problem?

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Uni's What's The Problem?. Available here on 7".

“What’s The Problem,” is a playful, provocative and extremely entertaining take on '70s revival. The new project, comprising Charlotte Kemp Muhl, David Strange, and Nico Fuzz, is truly as absurd as the band members' own description of it (which you need to read), and takes in the theatrical inclinations of glam-rock while pushing it towards diverging pop and porn extremes - with some existentialism thrown in for good measure. “What’s the problem with the girls that come from good homes?” the vocals insist, as drums get more aggressive, and the melody get stretched out towards triumphant “Ooos”. Strange’s guitar riffs are infectious, the hooks are catchy, and the drums drive the build up without overpowering those psych-pop undertones.

7" - Standard 7".