Us Music With Funkadelic

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in 1972 as the lineup of funkadelic that had made the first three albums 'funkadelic' 'free your mind and your ass will follow' and 'maggot brain' collapsed in on themselves under the pressures of touring and nefarious substances some members shuttled back and forth between detroit and toronto and kept recording one of the projects that was embarked upon was an lp by a group called us a single 'baby i owe you something good' bw 'i miss my baby' appeared that year credited to us music with funkadelic an album reached testpressing stage but until now no more has been heard of it us which stood for united soul were from george clintons home town of plainfield new jersey and included future funkadelic members gary shider cordell and larry mosson they recorded in detroit and toronto and the album was produced by bernie worrell ray davies and fuzzy haskins it featured many funkadelic musicians the original album of five tracks includes some prime era funkadelic grooves including the outrageous 'rat kiss the cat on the navel' and 'be what you is' which are both uptempo psychedelic funk as well as the wonderful gospelimbued vocals of shider on 'i miss my baby' and the opener 'this broken heart' when the lp wasn't issued the group split up and funkadelic coopted some of their members