Version Dread

On the flip sides of most Jamaican singles were found dub versions of the vocal tracks, or what were commonly referred to as “versions”. In the early days the “versions” were mainly the instrumental track, with or without vocals. These were the days when songs were not recorded on multi-track machines. As the technology advanced more complex mixes of the vocal side became the norm, with echo, flanging and dropouts on the instruments and vocals. The Studio One sound was always based on the rhythms track, and the labels dubs and versions always remained true to the hard-core rhythms the label released. This collection features eighteen B-sides of top Studio One singles made for commercial release from artists including the Wailing Souls, Willie Williams, the Abyssinians and a host of other legendary groups. Also included are two extended mixes, one of Ernest Ranglin’s “Surfing”, and “Never Give Version” by Carlton and the Shoes.