Asmus Tietchens

Watching The Burning Bride / Burning The Watching Bride

with Terry Burrows

The two collaborative albums by Asmus Tietchens and Terry Burrows - "Watching The Burning Bride" and "Burning The Watching Bride" - are reissued here on double CD. The works originally appeared on vinyl in 1986 and 1998 respectively. Also featured are two short bonus tracks: 'Torso 1' and 'Torso 2'. The music moves from loops to ambient to drone, and both discs offer a very different listening experience. "...sit back, drink a wine and let the sound fully immerse your living room. Dark, atmospheric and simply great" (Vital Weekly). Features a lengthy text by Terry Burrows explaining how the collaboration came about. Part 16 of the Asmus Tietchens reissue series.