What Ever You Need

  • Label PMG
  • Genre African
  • Released 10/27/16
  • Cat no PMG 025LP

PMG present a reissue of Elcados's last record, What Ever You Need, originally released in 1979. "By the 1979 release of What Ever You Need, the Elcados were ready to party. 'We got rhythm, we got sound,' they declare on 'Funky Music'. Starting out as The Moonrakers in Kanu in 1968, Steve Black, Rocky Mustapha, Tony Nosika and Frank Martins spent the next decade gigging their way out of the north, including a surreal set with Khalifa Baba-Ahmed at the Miss New Nigeria contest. They released two rock-oriented albums in the mid '70s before hitting a disco/reggae groove on What Ever You Need. The album starts with the title track, a bouncy reggae number guaranteed to fill the dance floor. 'Cross Over Reggae' keeps the mood light before 'The World Is Full Of Injustice' delivers a bit of Rasta indignation. Funk monsters 'Marry The Poor' and 'Funky Music' bring it all home, reminding listeners that the guys didn't drag out their best shiny suits just to smoke spliffs. Sadly, What Ever You Need, was the last record the Elcados released. But they went out with the glitter ball burning brightly, dimmed but a little by the fug of the righteous herb.