Neil Young

Live Rust

  • 552043-1
  • LPx2
  • Release Date: January 31st 2017
  • $39.99

Remastered from the original Analog recordings. Reissued on 180 gram audiophile vinyl for the the first time. Neil young actually performed the show that would become rust live prior to the release of his ground breaking rust never sleeps album. he had released the quieter comes a time and the album opens up in that vein as the first nine or so songs are in the acoustic vein. the album opens up with the incredible "sugar mountain" and then moves into a buffalo springfield chestnut "i am a child". "after the gold rush" is always a highlight and "the needle & the damage done" is quite powerful. when the band cracks up the volume, the show takes on a primal fury. "like a hurricane" is searing, "cinnamon girl" explodes like a powder keg, "cortez the killer" is a droning swirl of guitars and "tonight's the night" is soaring elegy. the four songs that appear on rust never sleeps, "my, my, hey, hey", "sedan delivery", "powderfinger" & "hey, hey, my, my" all reveal why the album was so great. neil young has released numerous live albums and live rust ranks right up at the top