Noga Erez

Off The Radar

  • CD-SLANG-50116
  • CD
  • Release Date: June 2nd 2017
  • $4.00

Every so often an artist emerges who completely changes the game. Ladies and gentleman, meet renegade experimentalist Noga Erez, a pop artist in the purest sense. Born and living just outside Tel Aviv, Erez's freewheeling songs are energised by the politics that surround her, but are also anchored in a desire to make as many people as possible feel. This is politically charged pop exploded out onto a universal stage. Inspired by strong artistic figures such as Björk and MIA, as well as everyone from Frank Ocean to Radiohead to Kendrick Lamar to FKA Twigs, Erez is the definitive sound of the world we live in today. For Erez, music is at its best when it allows for both presence and absence. "I have this idea of giving people moments of thought and inspiration, and at the same time giving moments of escapism and fun." That is, after all, what all pop music should do, and what Noga Erez is here to fearlessly master.

Rough Trade exclusive bonus mix cd.

Featured in: City Slang Label Focus, AOTM 2017