Songwriter's Notebook

  • NOV01.
  • Playable Midi-Controller & Hardback Paper Notebook
  • Release Date: November 23rd 2018
  • $59.99


Innovative, music-minded, unexpected.

Well, isn’t this a turn out for the books. Rough Trade are very excited to be able to offer this incredibly special invention from Novalia, exclusively, this winter.

Designed for anyone who might enjoy capturing a few musical notes along with their written thoughts or sketches, printed touch technology allows you to play the piano keys with the touch of your fingertips (watch our video at the bottom of this page).

Connect to the free, simple iOS app (iPhone or iPad, not available for Android) for a musical visualisation of notes as they are pressed, record function for notes and vocals, as well as the ability to play back or export your recorded music.

This exceptionally clever device is all wrapped up in a hardback notebook, encapsulated in grey cloth with gold foil stamped logo and piano keys.

It really is a beautiful product, totally unique and furthermore exclusive to us at Rough Trade.

This is the gift no one will be expecting.

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