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  • Release Date: November 2nd 2018
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Album of the Month - November 2018

Paint's self-titled album. Available here on Standard Black LP and Standard CD.

Allah-Las Pedrum Siadatian sings and plays guitar as Paint on his first solo album. Working with producer Frank Maston, drummer Matthew Correia (fellow Allah-La), NIck Murray (as seen with Oh Sees and White Fence).

A super laidback slacker drawl fronts the sweet pop that is PAINT. Guitars shimmer, quiver and gently warp. Spooky synths permeate, while brass washes tunes with an acid glow. Soft sounds reverberate and give a summer feeling that’s gonna haunt you the rest of your life.

Like Daily Gazette: big-city-on-the-skids mid-tempo hot-summer punk blues cool like those Richard Hell / Tom Verlaine Neon Boys tapes. Like Splattered: a subway-sound Velvet Underground valentine. Like Silver Streaks: budget-studio 1970s expression-as-obsession from the California observed and preserved by demimonde private-press psychedelicists Damon or F.J. McMahon. Like Wash: a last-dance cosmic waltz that could’ve been a snippet of an Angelo Badalamenti soundtrack.

Anyway, this is PAINT, the substance and the action – it drips, it runs, it changes colors. In between: not the desert but the dirt, not the night but the dark, not the sun but the heat and not the sea but the deep, and always the heartbeat blood-rush feel-it! momentum that makes all rock ‘n’ roll rock and roll. Think of it this way: PAINT’s first album isn’t always clean, but it’s very very clear. Sometimes the mess is the message.

LP - Standard Black LP.

CD - Standard CD.

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