Paul Simon

Hearts and Bones

  • 19075835151
  • Release Date: June 8th 2018
  • $20.99

Paul Simon's Hearts and Bones. Available here on LP.

Heart versus mind, thinking versus feeling, and how these dichotomies get in the way of making music or love. He addresses the issue directly in "Think Too Much" (which was once to have been the title of this album), goes at it metaphorically in "Train in the Distance," resolves it temporarily in "Hearts and Bones" and fashions a sort of fable about it in "Rene and Georgette Magritte with Their Dog after the War." The latter song ranks among the best Simon has written. There they are, a Belgian surrealist painter, his old lady and their pooch, dancing naked in a hotel room, window-shopping on Christopher Street and getting dolled up to dine with "the power elite." Wherever they go, though, they are haunted by the likes of the Penguins, the Moonglows, the Orioles and the Five Satins.

LP - Standard LP.