Peder Mannerfelt

The 3D Printed Songbook

  • PM 005
  • Release Date: January 19th 2018
  • $9.99

Peder Mannerfelt, one of techno's most prominent prism pushers, follows work on Fever Ray's Plunge album (2017) to open 2018 with The 3D Printed Songbook, dispatched through his Stockholm-based personal imprint. Mannerfelt pursues a signature blend of raved-up smarts with cutting-edge sound design on The 3D Printed Songbook. Mannerfelt gets into gear with a pendulous but stuttering, sleek and jagged deep house/dancehall curl to open, before circling through recoiling slow techno, heavy-lidded yet visceral ambient tones, to stripes of Viking acid jack and the kind of depth charge dub techno that keeps Mika Vainio's memory in earshot.