Popol Vuh

Einsjager and Siebenjager

  • CD 83923 B
  • Digipack with Two Bonus Tracks plus Detailed Booklet with Photos and Liner Notes.
  • Release Date: May 3rd 2019
  • $15.99

Einsjager and Siebenjager is the fifth album by Popol Vuh, first released by Kosmische Musik in1974. Recorded in a small lineup: Florian Fricke (piano, spinet), Danny Fichelscher (electric guitar, 12-string guitar, percussion) and Djong Yun vocals. With a guest appearance by Olaf Kübler on flute on Würfelspiel.

Djong Yun, daughter of the Korean composer Isang Yun debuted on Hosianna Mantra and makes her second contribution with this album. Did Seligpreisung have both Conny Veit and Danny Fichelscher on guitar, now all the space is for the tremendous playing by Fichelscher.

The title of the album refers to two characters from the Mayan creation story Popol Vuh: One-Hunter and Seven-Hunter. It is a classic album from the band's 70s period when Fricke and Fichelscher made up a strong and very inspired team. Like much of Popol Vuh’s work, the music on this album has a devotional vibe and gives way to a pastoral feel. Side one of the album contains five instrumental compositions that have a lot to offer: the swirling, bluesy (multi-tracked) guitar by Fichelscher on Kleiner Krieger and Morgengruss, the interplay with Florian's delicate piano on Gutes Land and Würfelspiel are just glorious.

The 19-minute title track on side 2 is one continuous flow of spiritual exaltation. A lyrical journey featured by moments of concentrated energy, fine melodic themes with organic twists and changes. With sparse but effective vocals by Djong Yun, Fichelscher and Fricke are engaged in a very inspired and powerful interplay.
With two included bonus tracks. The album comes in a new remastering by former Popol Vuh collaborator Guido Hieronymus.