Below The Horizon

  • FTS005lp
  • Standard Black LP.
  • Release Date: October 5th 2018
  • $18.99 $14.24

Rimarimba's album Below The Horizon. Available here on Standard Black LP.

The first in the Rimarimba series, 1983's Below The Horizon, feature Robert Cox in exploratory mode, figuring out exactly how to make his music. There's a pleasure in hearing how he feels out the parameters of his aesthetic, here - there's a boxy minimalism, slightly clunky and charming with it, that reflects the home-spun, improvisatory tenor of the compositions. It's ambitious music, though, wanting to do the most and the best it can with its limited resources. Cox himself admits to not being "pre-wired" to making this music, but that only makes it more compelling: "Were I to be properly musical, it wouldn’t actually work as well in some ways; it'd be just another album of contemporary clattery music."

LP - Standard Black LP.

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