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New Rough Trade Edit January 17th additions

New year. New approach. What is Rough Trade Edit?

Songs inspired by the joy and the unknown of entering the world of fatherhood, with a shoegazey sound that splits the difference between Slowdive and Sigur Rós. Rough Trade Exclusive green/seafoam vinyl.

Heartfelt indie-rock that jangles and beams with warmth. Like early REM plus a healthy dose of country. Limited marigold yellow vinyl.

Handle with care. This dreamy bedroom pop is pillowy soft and heartbreakingly tender. Transparent yellow vinyl.

Their first album since 2014 and a testament to their enduring status. Driving folk scented indie-rock loaded with subtle ear-worms.

Solidifies and expands upon the doom-laden soul of Algiers' foundation, toward a more epic, genre-reformatting sound.

New Rough Trade Edit January 10th additions

A bigger, broader, bolder sound. A true tonic for the absurdity of our modern everyday life.

Euphoric and infectious dancefloor energy from the infinitely talented Georgia.

Songs inspired by the First World World. Dynamic beats and funk vibrations are the heartbeat of stories across a hundred years.