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Rough Trade Edit - August 7th

Laura Marling - Song For Our Daughter

Laura Marling’s exquisite seventh album arrives as a tender sense of purpose and calm... a gentle reminder that clarity can still exist during a time of global chaos.

Washed Out - Purple Noon

Purple Noon is Atlanta-based producer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Ernest Greene’s tribute to the Mediterranean coastlines, resulting in a transportive and inviting fourth album.

Video Age - Pleasure Line

Video Age releases Pleasure Line, featuring a range of influences from Janet Jackson, Paul McCartney, and David Bowie. Multi-dimensional euphoria complete with golden ‘80s style nuggets sure to get stuck in your head.

Inventions - Continuous Portrait

Matthew Robert Cooper (Eluvium) and Mark T. Smith (Explosions in the Sky) release their latest work under their project Inventions. Hypnotic and complex, Continuous Portrait captures pleasure, exploration and melancholia.

Glass Animals - Dreamland

Glass Animals return with their third studio album Dreamland. A nostalgic memoir of frontman Dave Bayley’s life so far, it covers expansive and difficult ground, holding nothing back.

Formed by Jason Albertini (Duster), Helvetia release This Devastating Map complete with sparkling guitars, unconventional song structure, and hushed vocals describing intimate personal struggles.

Bob Vylan - We Live Here

Revolutionary punk duo Bob Vylan is essential listening. We Live Here confronts racism, police brutality, and the socio-economic divide, an album that demands your attention.

Found buried in the basement of a Michigan farmhouse, the 1/4” stereo two-track tape of the Stooges' complete performance at Goose Lake on August 8th, 1970 is the Rosetta Stone for fans of this seminal band, released to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the performance.