Shoplifting with Solomon Grey

The band raid the racks to compile their pick of favorite albums.

Their latest release Human Remix is a who's who of interesting electronic/dance artists: Sweden's Little Dragon with a typically cool mix, the legendary Nightmares On Wax with a deep dubby groove, Alex from Sigur Ros taking it out there to the epic boundaries.

Bing and Ruth- No Home of the Mind

We found out about these guys recently but cannot get enough of their beautifully crafted, filmic sound. Any band with a musician credited only with performing "tape delay" gets a nod from us.

Ryuichi Sakamoto- Async

Sakamoto has composed some heavyweight and critically acclaimed film scores (The Last Emperor, The Revenant), but his releases as a solo artist are equally as notable, and fascinating to us as we also endeavor to maintain two strings to our mutual bow. This latest record is poised, musically intense, emotional, and especially poignant, as it was composed after a year-long break recovering from cancer.

Young Fathers- Cocoa Sugar

This is one of the most astonishing albums of the last couple of years for us. The inventiveness of every part of these guys' music is just awe-inspiring, from the song-writing and structures to the progressive harmony, vocal ingenuity, and ever-inventive production. One of those albums that makes you just want to give up bothering in the face of such brilliance. In a good way.

LCD Soundsystem- American Dream

James Murphy et al can do know wrong in our book. We watched "Shut Up And Play The Hits" with tears of much reverence (and a little disbelief) in our eyes, but got over any sense of betrayal pretty sharpish when it turned out the "final gig" had all been something of a ruse. To be honest, you could forgive almost anybody for almost anything when they go on and produce music like this.

John Coltrane- Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album

Hadn’t listened to any Coltrane for some time and this new album is just as exciting as I remember Coltrane being. The four versions of Impressions are so interesting. One with piano, one without piano. Just bonkers how good it is.

Fenne Lilly– On Hold

Fenne sounds like one of the singers who was just born to do this – so natural in her delivery it sticks to you like warm honey. Definitely one that will still be doing this in years to come. On Hold is an enjoyable collection of well crafted singer-songwriter pop songs.

Colin Stetson- All This I Do For Glory

Colin Stetson is incredible artist always pushing the boundaries on both his own records and soundtracks. Would love to work with him one day. Look up all his work, it’s a journey. Hail, Paemon!