Sigur Ros

Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust

  • XL-364-1
  • LP
  • Release Date: January 20th 2009
  • $21.99

Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust is truly a groundbreaking album for Sigur Rós. Its the first time theyve attempted to write, record, mix, release and support (by touring) an album in the same year. Notoriously known for their laborious writing/recording style and their Icelandic roots, Sigur Rós decided to record an album outside of Iceland for the first time. Recording,mixing and mastering sessions took place in such un-Reykjavik cities as New York (Sear Sound and Sterling Sound), London (Abbey Road and Assault n Battery) and Havana. The result is pretty much their leave home album, the anti-Heima.This was recorded in one take with no overdubs and the result was 90 people playing at once and just one perfect take. This is their first album working with Flood. The cover artwork is a photo taken from a flyer for Ryan McGinley s most recent photoexhibition in NYC, I Know Where the Summer Goes , and the image captures perfectly the spirit of the album, one of free-spirited happiness and exploration.