Mean Love

  • DFA2445cd
  • CD
  • Release Date: September 30th 2014
  • $13.99

This is truly universal soul music, uniting rhythm and styles from our world over to help you move, relate and BE.Sinkane's 'Mean Love' rolls like an emotional, existential history of the artist. It was recorded at The Rumpus Room in Brooklyn, New York and co-produced with long-time Sinkane collaborator and childhood friend, Greg Lofaro.There is much to fall in love with on Mean Love, his second LP on DFA and the follow up to his breakthrough album 'Mars'. It might be the funky, infectious brass lines of "New Name" or the reggae-soul of "Young Trouble" or the the Sudanese Pop melody of "Omdurman". There are doses of West African slow-burners, surprise appearances of steel guitar arrangements and country-soul, a Noir Blaxploitation vibe, and a newly found sweet falsetto voice reminiscent of Curtis Mayfield specifically in album standout "Hold Tight".Mean Love is an emotionally rich and generous soul album with a very welcoming appeal. The restless creative drive of Ahmed Gallab these past few years has led to a true breakthrough moment for the artist, and this album is a true reward for time well spent.