• LP-MI-0494
  • Limited Edition Yellow Colored LP.
  • Release Date: April 20th 2018
  • $18.99

Slug's album HiggledyPiggledy. Available here on Limited Edition Yellow Colored LP.

The album was inspired by a combination of The Residents, John Carpenter and the soundtracks of Don Cherry (particularly Holy Mountain) and Masahiko Sato (particularly Belladonna) plus the Dada art movement which will be self evident to anyone who’s seen the hilarious and life affirming SLUG live experience, replete with ever changing stage wear (snooker players, sailors, 50s jazz combo) and spontaneous crowd participation. Black intended HiggledyPiggledy to be a more minimal affair than debut RIPE, focussed more on rhythm and percussion. Thematically the record was written against the backdrop of political turmoil but really it’s about the strange life Black leads in his native Sunderland, an autodidact outsider living his life in Wetherspoons arguing with some of the questionable attitudes of locals. Blacks stated aim to “have fun writing truly horrible lyrics,” playing characters “venting in pubs, writing in the character of how some people think and behave.”

LP+ - Limited Edition Yellow Colored LP.