Strand of Oaks

Harder Love

  • DOC151
  • Release Date: January 19th 2018
  • $15.99

Harder Love is the latest from Strand of Oaks, a collection of Tim Showalter's original recordings for the album Hard Love. Pairing the earliest versions Hard Love tracks with previously-unreleased material (including some songs deemed "too weird" for the official release), Harder Love feels like an alternate dimension. A whole lot stranger and even more raw, it’s like the tripped out, spiritual brother to its predecessor. "These songs are me unedited…I just want people to have them. I’m sick of overthinking and talking too much about the process and the narrative." And it’s Showalter's desire for a wholly unfiltered approach that defines Harder Love, a listening experience that often feels like scrolling through the FM dial, not quite getting the station, and listening through the static anyway. Out January 19th, 2018, limited to 500 copies.