T Benny and The Buzz Brothers

Gimme a Buzz / The Drought

  • SI-WCK-1006
  • Release Date: August 24th 2018
  • $7.99 $5.99

T. Benny and The Buzz Brothers' Gimme A Buzz / The Drought. Available here on 7".

Wick Records is pleased to present another platter that matters, by Queens County's newest instrumental sensations... Introducing! T. Benny and the Buzz Brothers. The tape from said session was sent to Daptone HQ with only a small note that said: For Wick - Conceived at a smokey late-night session at (the famed) Diamond Mine Studio, in Long Island City. No information about the musicians or personnel was shared, but upon hearing we promptly called Diamond Mine to exclaim "WE WANT THIS RECORD!" Anonymity aside, these mysterious folks have turned out two of the most exciting instrumental tunes of late! The A-Side, "Gimme A Buzz", upon first look, one may expect a homage to any number of intoxicating substances - but it is in fact - a Link Wray inspired mauler that is a three minute sonic knee-to-the-face. The searing guitar lead over the unassailable groove builds a hellish beast upon a surf-rock skeleton that seductively lures the listener into oblivion. The flip-side, “The Drought”, is a brooding dirge whose relentless riff and doom-inspired, repetitive thump sounds like a ritualistic melody used to conjure an unholy bringer of ruination. A darkly satisfying instrumental offering. Fingers crossed we'll hear more from this group soon...

7" - Standard 7".

Featured in: Summer Sale 2019