The Byrds

Turn! Turn! Turn!

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  • CD
  • Release Date: December 1st 2013
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back in stock on vinyl. the byrds' second album was only a disappointment in comparison with 'mr tambourine man'. they couldn't maintain such a level of consistent magnificence, and the follow-up was not quite as powerful or impressive. it was still quite good, however, particularly the ringing number one title cut, a classic on par with the 'mr tambourine man' single. elsewhere they concentrated more on original material, gene clark in particular offering some strong compositions with 'set you free this time', 'the world turns all around her' and 'if you're gone'. a couple more dylan covers were included as well, and 'satisfied mind' was their first foray into country-rock, a direction they would explore in much greater depth throughout the rest of the '60s.