The Lemon Twigs

Brothers of Destruction EP

  • 4AD0033T
  • Release Date: September 29th 2017
  • $13.99

The new EP from The Lemon Twigs, Brothers of Destruction, features six previously unreleased tracks.

It was recorded by the D’Addario brothers - Brian (20) and Michael (18) – on their 8-track at home in New York, not long after they finished making their acclaimed debut album, Do Hollywood, with Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado in Los Angeles.

“In the beginning of 2015, we had songs left over from the Do Hollywood sessions, so we decided to record them at home in New York on our 8-track. Many of you will recognise some of the songs from our live shows. They’ve changed a lot over the past year, but these are the original versions. We consider the EP the last chapter of the Do Hollywood era of our group.”

The Lemon Twigs