The Strokes


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  • Release Date: November 21st 2013
  • $9.99

The Strokes' Angles. Available here on LP and CD.

Angles is The Strokes’ first true giant step forward from Is This It?. They tighten the striving that was spread thin across First Impressions with proven martial jangle: Fraiture and Moretti’s stoic grip on the beat; robotic-Yardbirds crossfires of crispy-fuzz and brittle-treble guitars. “Machu Picchu” is a sly union of cocky menace — a bony city-reggae gait, wet with echo — and the kind of rapid-strum fury that came with the choruses on early Who singles. In “Two Kinds of Happiness,” a motor-pop groove that recalls the smooth futurist lure of the Cars goes to exciting pieces: Casablancas’ dry, ragged howl hanging over a tense, stuttering rhythm and a field of stabbing-dagger guitars.

LP - Standard LP.

CD - Standard CD.