The War On Drugs

Slave Ambient

  • 50190
  • LP
  • Release Date: August 16th 2011
  • $17.99

these philly rockers conjure an ambling drone that conceals real pop hooks and allows classic-rock colours to seep through. main man adam granduciel gets plenty of dylan comparisons, but 'slave ambient' feels like a more back-alley byrds filtered through a gauzier spacemen 3 lens. the chugging 'your love is calling my name' drives that road for six blissful minutes. but their best song, 'baby missiles' - in a different version here than on 2010's 'future weather' ep - overlays a synth aura, like '80s-era springsteen with a splash of kurt vile. it's vexing in exactly the right way.