The Weeknd

Kiss Land

  • B001901802
  • Release Date: August 1st 2017
  • $21.99

The Weeknd's Kiss Land. Available here on Seaglass Colored Double LP, Standard LP and CD.

The Weeknd kept it short and sweet with just 10 songs making the final cut. 'Kiss Land' is The Weeknd's first studio debut album after releasing three mixtapes in 2011 and commercially releasing Trilogy - a collection of his previous mixtapes - in 2012. Tapping into that same signature mystique, 'Kiss Land' is an elegant pastiche of love, longing, and lust set to a futuristic soundtrack of shimmering keys, disruptive synths, and airy atmospherics. It's dark. It's dangerous. It's decidedly sexy. It's The Weeknd.

LPx2+ - Seaglass Colored Double LP in Deluxe Packaging.

LP - Standard LP.

CD - Standard CD.