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  • CHALICE002
  • Release Date: July 7th 2017
  • $13.99

The Fasaan Recordings crew break out a second volume of their Chalice Records imprint. Malmö-based Fullstandiga Rattigheter delivers the deranged digital guitar strumming of "1988". Manchester cyber-punk Ruf Dug offers the dreamy cut "Cassette Boogie 1", which bounces along to a b-boy beat steeped in lo-fi tape hiss. Tallinn composer Ruutu Poiss turns on his limping drum machine and leads the listener on a wonky trip. Copenhagen-based PRAAH pitches in with a brooding, bass-heavy 808 jam. Fachrur Riaz Hasbullah slides in from Bandung, Indonesia to deliver the ridiculously smooth stepper "Muram". Dubliner Compassion Crew offers "II Y A (Chalice Mix)".