Now And Then

  • Release Date: July 21st 2017
  • $17.99

Optimo Music presents a new offshoot label, So Low, named after the night of the same name in Glasgow, run by Becky Marshall, Iona McHale, JD Twitch, and Katie Shambles. So Low present Now And Then, a various artists EP featuring two tracks from now and two from then. Ian Hicks's "False Awakening" is a 100% modern maximal 110bpm synth masterpiece with buried vox from half of Portland's much missed Soft Metals. Luxos's "Vihreä Ovi" is 100% hypno atmospherics from Glasgow's Daniel Magee (Lo Kindre) and Maria Rossi (Cucina Povera). Carl Matthews's "As Above So Below" (1982) is 100% synth ecstasy out of Cumbria, originally released on the Flowmotion compilation on Colin Potter's ICR label. The Schmutz Sisters' "La Folle" (1988) is 100% goth waltz classic from Switzerland.