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Frank Stokes' Dream - The Memphis Blues - 1927 - 1931

  • YAZ1008-LP
  • Release Date: April 13th 2018
  • $24.99

Frank Stokes' Dream - The Memphis Blues - 1927 - 1931. Available here on LP.

Though the blues explosion of the 60s brought many of the Delta bluesmen newfound audiences and appreciation, many were still left to languish in obscurity. Frank Stokes is one such individual. Though a forgotten figure nowadays, Stokes was a fixture of the Mississippi blues scene, frequently performing with other local bluesmen such as Garfield Akers, Dan Sane, and others. Having performed blues well before it began to flourish in the South, Stokes was a consummate professional, and deeply influential to future blues figures, and even the country performer Jimmie Rodgers, who took stylistic cues from Stokes. His performances were noteworthy for his adept guitar-playing, his booming, stentorian voice, and for the numerous duets he recorded, which features subtle vocal and rhythmic interplay. Frank Stokes was largely forgotten among the bigger names that resurfaced after the blues explosion, but was eventually unearthed by historians and dedicated blues crate diggers. His legacy is captured in Frank Stokes' Dream, which compiles not only some of Stokes' finest works, but those of the contemporaries he inspired, including recognizable Delta icons like Furry Lewis, Memphis Minnie, and Cannon's Jug Stompers, just to name a few.

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