Vera Sola


  • LP-SPECT-0001
  • Release Date: December 7th 2018
  • $25.99

Vera Sola's album Shades. Available here on LP and CD.

Her ethereal voice providing the foundation for a haunting body of song, Vera Sola makes timeless, time-bending sound. An innate musicality, an obsession with reading and writing, a career as a stage and voice actor, and years of touring in Elvis Perkins’ band all served to cut the path toward her debut album Shades. It wasn’t until early 2017, when she booked time at Native Sound Studio in St. Louis, that she began to experiment with the idea of recording her own material. Writing and playing came easily, but singing her own songs presented a different challenge. A barrier to her voice. But just before entering studio, a series of life-altering events brought on a radical shift, reframing her relationship to her music. She abandoned plans to bring in other musicians, deciding to make the album entirely alone. Picking up instruments she had never played, layering elements like chains and breaking glass over traditional instrumentation, she meticulously arranged multi-part harmonies, and brought to the fore a newly discovered vocal skill, an otherworldly vibrato. What emerged from the sessions was her debut album, Shades, a collection of ten finely-honed and immaculately-rendered ballads. Poems and stories delivered in a mannered but casually dismissive style -full of sorrow, yet arch and wry. Songs of the present that conjure the past. Accounts of women and their ghosts: echoes of memories that just won’t quit; of relationships over or current but fleeting; of the extinction of species; the violent capture of a feminine landscape and the spirits that stick around long after; messengers from the other side.

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