Vive la Void

Vive la Void

  • SBR198cd
  • Release Date: May 4th 2018
  • $13.99

Vive la Void's self-titled album. Available here on Death Money Colored LP, Standard LP and Standard CD.

Vive la Void is the new solo project of Sanae Yamada, co-founder and keyboard player of Moon Duo. Yamada wrote and recorded the self-titled debut album over roughly a two-year period, during windows of downtime in Moon Duo's substantial touring and recording schedule. The dense, shape-shifting atmospheres of the seven songs grew out of late-night basement experiments in the layering of synthesizer tracks, a process that also led to meditations on the changeable nature of memory and perception. The result is an undulating blend of ethereal swirl, low end thrumming, and electric crackle, buoyed by Yamada’s understated but captivating vocal melodies and her striking lyrics.

LP+ - Death Money Colored LP.

LP - Standard LP.

CD - Standard CD.

Featured in: Hafi Albums Of The Year 2018