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Dead Can Dance

Dead Can Dance is an eclectic musical entity that was formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1981. They were one of the main proponents of the 4AD label throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Although the band split in 1998, they reunited briefly for a world tour in 2005. In winter 2011, *Dead Can Dance* came together once again to record a new album and completed a world tour promoting its release in 2012.

With their unique blend of genres including neoclassical dark wave, ethereal wave, post-punk, and world music influences, Dead Can Dance has captivated audiences worldwide. Their hauntingly beautiful soundscapes have earned them a dedicated fan base.

If you enjoy the music of Brendan Perry or Lisa Gerrard, as well as artists like Irfan, Arcana, Vas, Love Is Colder Than Death, This Mortal Coil, Lycia and more - then Dead Can Dance is sure to be a favorite addition to your collection.


Dead Can Dance



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