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The Jam

The Jam were an English punk rock band formed in Woking, Surrey in 1972. Comprising of Paul Weller on vocals and guitar, Bruce Foxton on bass guitar, and Rick Buckler on drums, they achieved widespread popularity during the late 1970s and early 1980s with their catchy tunes and socially conscious lyrics.

Known for their energetic live performances and distinctive mod style, The Jam became one of the most influential bands of the British punk movement. Their music blended elements of punk, new wave, and mod revival to create a unique sound that resonated with audiences across the UK.

With hits like "Town Called Malice," "Going Underground," and "That's Entertainment," The Jam left a lasting impact on the music industry. Despite disbanding in 1982 after just six years together, their legacy continues to inspire generations of musicians today.


The Jam



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