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10cc is a major UK pop/artrock band that was founded in Stockport, Greater Manchester, England in the 1970s. The original line-up consisted of Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley, Lol Creme, and Graham Gouldman. Before forming 10cc in 1972 and signing with Jonathan King's UK Records, they had composed together and been part of the band Hotlegs (Gouldman only briefly). Their music is a unique blend of pop and artrock with influences from various genres.

The original line-up enjoyed four years of success before achieving worldwide fame in 1975 with their ballad "I'm Not In Love." In 1976, Godley and Creme left to form the more experimental duo Godley & Creme while Stewart and Gouldman continued as 10cc. Their first album as the new lineup, "Deceptive Bends" released in 1977, maintained their pop appeal. However, despite hits like "Dreadlock Holiday" from their album "Bloody Tourists" in 1978, the band never regained their previous level of mainstream success due to Stewart's personal crisis following a car crash.

Despite this setback, 10cc remains an influential band known for their innovative sound and genre-blending approach to music. With a discography that spans over several decades, they have left an indelible mark on the world of pop and artrock.


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