Barrington Levy

Barrington Levy, born on April 30, 1964 in Clarendon, Jamaica, is a renowned artist who began his recording career in 1977. He gained recognition for his work with his cousin and formed the short-lived duet. By the end of 1978, he started recording under his real name and quickly made a name for himself in the Dancehall scene.

With an impressive discography that spans from 1979 onwards, Barrington Levy has released numerous albums that have solidified his position as a prominent figure in the music industry. His unique style and captivating performances have earned him comparisons to other notable artists such as *Dennis Brown*, *Johnny Osbourne*, *Cocoa Tea*, and many more.

Whether it's his infectious beats or heartfelt lyrics, Barrington Levy continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his talent and passion for music. His contributions to the reggae genre are undeniable, making him a true icon in the industry.


Barrington Levy
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