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Beth Orton

Beth Orton is an English singer-songwriter born on 14 December 1970 in East Dereham, Norfolk. She gained recognition for her collaborations with The Chemical Brothers and William Orbit.

With a career spanning over two decades, Beth Orton has established herself as a prominent figure in the music industry. Her unique blend of folk, electronica, and pop influences has captivated audiences worldwide.

Orton's collaborations with The Chemical Brothers on tracks like "Where Do I Begin" and "Alive Alone" showcased her distinctive vocals and experimental sound. Her partnership with producer William Orbit resulted in critically acclaimed albums such as "Central Reservation" and "Daybreaker."


Beth Orton
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Album artwork for Weather Alive by Beth Orton

Weather Alive

Beth Orton

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Album artwork for Kidsticks by Beth Orton


Beth Orton

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Album artwork for Trailer Park by Beth Orton

Trailer Park

Beth Orton

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Album artwork for Central Reservation by Beth Orton

Central Reservation

Beth Orton

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