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San Francisco-based industrial rock outfit, Chrome, is known for their unique blend of vocals, synths, and guitar. The band was formed by Damon Edge and Helios Creed in the late 1970s. With additional players such as John L. Cyborg on synth loops, Tommy Grenas on synth, Aleph Kali on drums, Lou Minatti on guitar, John Stench on drums, Hillary Stench on bass, Gary Spain on guitar, and Lux Vibratus on bass.

Chrome's sound has been compared to other experimental rock bands like Pere Ubu and Cabaret Voltaire. They draw inspiration from a variety of genres including industrial music and post-punk. Their music is characterized by its intense energy and dark atmospheres.

With a discography spanning several decades, Chrome continues to be influential in the underground music scene. Fans of *Helios Creed* or bands like Suicide and The Residents will appreciate Chrome's innovative approach to music.


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