High On Fire

High on Fire is an American heavy metal band hailing from Oakland, California. Formed in 1998 by Matt Pike, Des Kensel, and George Rice, the band has become a prominent figure in the metal scene. With their powerful sound and intense performances, High on Fire has released eight studio albums to date.

In 2019, they were honored with a Grammy award for "Best Metal Performance" for their song "Electric Messiah." Their music is characterized by Pike's commanding vocals and guitar work, supported by the solid bass lines of *Jeff Matz* and the thunderous drumming of *Coady Willis* (since 2021).

Over the years, High on Fire has undergone some lineup changes but has consistently delivered their signature heavy sound. Former members include *Des Kensel*, who played drums from 1998 to 2019, and various bassists such as *George Rice*, *Joe Preston*, and *Mike Leon*. The band draws inspiration from genres like stoner rock and doom metal.


High On Fire
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