Jacob Miller

Jacob Miller was a reggae singer, songwriter, and drummer born on May 4, 1952 in New Green near Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica. Known as the 'Killer', he earned this title with his powerful opera-style vocals and captivating stage presence. At the age of 8, he moved to Kingston to live with his grandmother and at 16, he made his first recordings for Studio One. In 1969, he formed the duo Jacob Miller & Stephen Brown.

In 1974, Miller joined forces with Augustus Pablo and became his favorite collaborator. Together they produced several records that showcased Miller's exceptional talent. He also served as the vocalist for Inner Circle and contributed to their classic track "Tenement Yard". Signed by Island Records, Miller was on the path to stardom until tragedy struck on March 23, 1980 when his car collided with a pole on Hope Road in Kingston.

Miller's untimely death deeply impacted the music community. Over 3000 people paid tribute to him at his funeral held at the National Arena in Kingston. Today, he rests in peace at Dovecot Memorial Park in St Catherine. Jacob Miller's legacy lives on through his unforgettable performances and contributions to reggae music.


Jacob Miller
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