Kevin Cummins

Kevin Cummins is a British photographer born on 14 July 1953 in Manchester, England. He studied photography in Salford and began capturing images of rock bands in the mid-1970s in Manchester. With a remarkable 25-year association with the NME, including 10 years as their chief photographer, Cummins has established himself as an influential figure in the music photography scene.

His captivating photographs have captured iconic moments and personalities within the music industry, showcasing his unique ability to capture raw emotion and energy through his lens. Cummins' extensive portfolio includes images of renowned artists from various genres, immortalizing their performances and revealing intimate glimpses into their lives.

As one of the most respected photographers of his generation, Kevin Cummins continues to inspire aspiring photographers and music enthusiasts alike with his exceptional body of work. His photographs serve as timeless reminders of the power that music holds to connect people and shape cultural movements.


Kevin Cummins
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